Embrace Today-New Upbeat Playlist

Today's playlist is upbeat & a little lyrical; meant for a 60-minute well-rounded yoga practice.  May it inspire you to get on your mat & appreciate each moment you get.   Om by Hippie Sabotage  - 5:15 (perfect intention-setting song) Reflection  by Eliot Lipp - 3:33 1957 by Milo Greene - 3:24 Amadeus by Family … Continue reading Embrace Today-New Upbeat Playlist


5 Tips to Advance Your Yoga

While many tools to deepen your yoga practice are taught during Teacher Training, you don't need to be a teacher to still employ them.  Directly from our Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Teacher Training program, here are 5 tips to help you grow, even more: Move & breathe with mindful attention.  Focus on what you're doing, … Continue reading 5 Tips to Advance Your Yoga

7 Self-Care Tips For Yoga Teachers

I know many yoga teachers and fitness instructors who feel over-worked, under-paid & less-than-fulfilled working multiple jobs to make ends meet, or working a full-time job, plus teaching yoga on the side.  Either way, teaching can be incredibly fulfilling if you find a schedule that aligns with your lifestyle & make some specific choices. Here … Continue reading 7 Self-Care Tips For Yoga Teachers

How to Find the Right Teacher Training

With so many teacher trainings out there, what are the most important things to consider? When I took my training, I had NO IDEA what to ask!  I just knew I had to do it, found at teacher I respected, and signed up.  Thankfully, I learned from an expert who pushed me to keep learning … Continue reading How to Find the Right Teacher Training

Create Calm with These 3 Tips

Ancient seekers of enlightenment had the very possible opportunity of seeking solace, peace, and meditation by living in caves, where they were able to study and grow without the distractions that we face every day (and even every minute).  While vacations can be great to reset our mindset, help us slow down, and re-center our … Continue reading Create Calm with These 3 Tips

Why Yoga is Great for Everyone

More than an escape, it reduces stress by activating your Parasympathetic Nervous System.  Many types of yoga help you relax-especially the specific pose called Savasana-that last blissful pose in most classes. Here are my favorite benefits of yoga, but science is discovering more and more as we understand yoga better.  Which one strikes you? ​ It … Continue reading Why Yoga is Great for Everyone

Books I couldn’t Teach Without

I don’t keep many books out, but the ones I do keep out, I consult frequently for education & inspiration.  Here are what live on my bookshelf in my office, the tried-and-true, powerful books expanding yoga, meditation & philosophy.  Have any to add? Add them in the Comments and I’ll check them out! The Lost … Continue reading Books I couldn’t Teach Without

Triangle Pose-Demystified

Meet #triangleposepronounced TRY-angle. Just kidding! It's Trikonasana, pronounced TREE-cone-AH-suh-nah. 😂 It not only encourages breathing fully (after all the smoke we've had in the air, it's nice to feel good breathing deep again, right? 💨 ), it also mobilized the thoracic & cervical spine to keep your back and neck happy & unstuck, it strengthens core … Continue reading Triangle Pose-Demystified